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Consider This When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Sep 25

You may require commercial cleaning services if your business is a small one. Understanding the consequences of such a decision is essential. Before you hire a cleaner, here are some things that you need to know:

  • The price of cleaning service:

It is crucial to determine what a fair price is for cleaning your space.

  • Cleaning Services Included in the Price:

Each cleaning company is different, so it is important that you understand the specific cleaning included in your cleaning bill.

  • Cleaning frequency

The cleaning company will need to know whether you want your space cleaned once, daily, weekly, etc.

  • Locate the space to clean:

Cleaning will cost you some extra depending on where you live.

Cleaning your business's space should be included in your budget each year. It is an ongoing cost. To know how much commercial cleaning costs in your area, you can determine if it is fair. Also, you should know what services are included in the quoted price so you understand exactly what you're getting for your fee. Commercial cleaning services can be very expensive so it is important to choose how often your business needs to be cleaned. To make your cleaning team feel more relaxed and ensure that they do a great job, here are some tips. Each of these points will be covered in detail below.

Average Cleaning Cost

Pricing for cleaning your business space will vary based on its size. However some companies charge an hourly fee.

  • Pricing per square foot:

While some cleaning companies charge by the square footage, others charge based upon the type and services offered. A typical business will charge around $120 to clean 1,000-square feet. The cost goes up by more than $100 when you add 1,000 feet.

  • Price per Hour:

Commercial cleaning companies charge an hourly rate. This could be anywhere between $39-60 per hour. Your experience will determine the price. The old saying "You get what you pay" is applicable here. So that you have a pleasant experience, and to protect your business, it is best to pay your cleaning service in advance. Commercial spaces may contain sensitive information and equipment. You want to ensure that you hire professionals who are respectful of your business.

What services might be included in commercial cleaning

The cleaning fees charged by each service are likely to vary. Their pricing may be based on the space being cleaned and the configuration of the space. You might include cleaning common areas like hallways, conference rooms and breakrooms. Unless you make other arrangements, they will not clean employees' desks or work around expensive equipment, such as copiers and computers. They may only clean the bathrooms and floors if they are cleaning retail spaces. For windows cleaning, you might need to hire an independent commercial window washing company. The size and height of your windows will also play a role in this decision.

Cleaning frequency

As we mentioned, you have the option to choose how often your commercial space is cleaned. You can choose to have your commercial space cleaned once, every day, or every week.

  • One Time Cleaning

You will often pay slightly more for this type of cleaning. This is because the cleaning company wants to keep repeat customers to make more money. The cleaning company will not be familiar with the condition of your space if they are cleaning it for the first-time. They will therefore need to inspect the space before they can estimate the price. While prices for one-time cleaning can vary, you can expect to spend around $250. It will depend on where you live, as well as the cost of living there. The cost of the service could be as high as $800.

  • Daily cleaning

Commercial cleaning services Bend Oregon often offer discounts for their regular customers. It takes less time to clean and maintain a space if it is required to be cleaned daily. Cleaning your space is like hiring a professional janitorial service. They may be able clean it every day after hours. Customers who work for businesses require daily cleaning to ensure a positive impression.

  • Weekly Clean

This type cleaning is typically done on Fridays or at the weekend after the business week has ended. Because there was no cleaning done during week, this type of cleaning requires a deep clean. It costs $150-$250 per work week. It depends on how many cleaners it takes and how long the cleaning takes.

You must be considerate of the way you treat employees at your commercial cleaning business. Provide basic accommodations for your staff so that they return to you again and treat your space with respect. Here are some tips to ensure you take care of your space.

  • Access to Parking

It all depends on where your business is located. Make it easy for them to park. Pay the parking fee or get your parking space validated.

  • Get Easy Access to Water, Snacks and Bathroom

Make sure your cleaning crew is comfortable in cleaning your space. This will ensure they are happy to clean it. It is important to provide them water and perhaps snacks. You can rest assured that they will love to clean your space and will treat you with respect. You should ensure they have access to a toilet. This will help you create a more pleasant working environment for your cleaning crew and will encourage them to clean it well.

You are looking for janitorial service for your commercial space. For reliable commercial cleaning in Bend Oregon, call a professional. These professionals will help you maintain your corporate image and provide a warm environment for your employees and customers.


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