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Protect Your Eyes with Residential Window Tint

Aug 19

According to AAO, almost half of all eye traumas occur at home. Although many of these injuries happen when ambitious homeowners take on home improvement projects without wearing protective eyewear, there is another threat to eye safety in the home. These are the cumulative effects of UV rays entering through windows.

The International Window Film Association suggests that homeowners apply residential Window Tint  professionally to all their windows to protect their family's eyes against the UV rays.

Untreated windows are only 25 percent protected against UV rays. The AAO states that continued UV light exposure increases the risk for many eye issues, including cancer and cataracts. Since the damage is more extensive than an individual homeowner causing damage to their eyes with flying dust and debris, most people neglect to take precautions against ultraviolet damage. Consumers and their loved ones rarely use sunglasses inside, even when it is the most intense.

Window film can be professionally installed to protect eyes and reduce glare.

Dr. Charles Gold, an optometrist from Broadway Vision Center in New York, New York says it is essential that homeowners take precautions to protect their eyes against harmful UV rays. Dr. Gold explained that glass does not provide sufficient protection against harmful UV rays contrary to popular belief. "Bringing professionals in is a proven way of reducing glare as well as the impact of those rays upon the eyes."

Window film, which is very thin and virtually invisible to your eyes, provides powerful protection without changing the appearance of a home. Clear film is also available, which will not affect the view.

Find out how professionally installed window films can provide a highly effective preventative solution to eye-damaging UV rays.

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